The Pet Pure Story

Just like humans need a healthy smile, Pet Pure believes that pets deserve great oral care that is also affordable. Pet Pure is the only pet dental care solution that is used for both preventative and post-care of periodontal disease while also controlling plaque and tartar in dogs and cats.

Thanks to an easy to use cleaning pen and oral spray, Pet Pure’s unique teeth and gum cleaning system helps dramatically reduce gum inflammation and helps get rid of bacteria that can cause tooth decay. As an added bonus, Pet Pure’s products can also control stinky dog or cat breath so you can enjoy more pet kisses!

Pet Pure’s products are formulated with high quality, natural ingredients that are sourced in the USA, so you can be assured that your pets are treated with the best pet-friendly oral care products. Pet Pure also manufactures its products ethically in the USA and products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and efficacy.

Meet the Humans

Pet Pure was created by sister-doctor duo Pooneh Ramezani, DDS and Paris Sabo, MD. They first created safe and effective oral care options for humans, but later realized that our furry friends deserve the same high quality dental options. As pet owners who understand that pets are more like family members, Dr. Ramezani and Dr. Sabo felt passionate about creating a line of pet oral care products that were equally safe and showed results.