All-Natural Ingredients

Holistic Health for Your Dog and Cat

Our team at Pet Pure realizes that pets are more than just animals. Pets are family and we understand that they need the best pet oral care to live their best lives. That’s why Pet Pure only uses human food-grade, natural ingredients that are safe and effective for a dog or cat's oral health. Pet Pure believes in swapping out the not-so-good ingredients for only the best natural ingredients that will lead to the best pet health. That's why Pet Pure is free of wheat, gluten, artificial sweeteners, colors, parabens, and sulfites. 

Parsley Fights Bad Dog and Cat Breath

Now there’s no denying how cute pet kisses are, but it’s safe to say that a dog’s bad breath or a cat’s bad breath is not enjoyable. To neutralize stinky pet breath, Pet Pure’s formulations contain parsley seed oil that pet tastebuds fancy and your nose will appreciate.

Vitamin C Improves and Maintains Pet Gum Health

Because pet periodontal disease, or pet gum disease, is a leading cause of death in pets, Pet Pure uses vitamin C to keep your pet’s gums healthy. The antioxidants in vitamin C help deter pet gum disease by increasing blood flow in a dog or cat’s mouth and it also helps soothe irritated pet gums.

Coconut Oil Hydrates Pet Mouths and Keeps Bacteria at Bay

Coconut oil benefits not just humans, but pets as well. Coconut oil’s natural antibacterial properties help prevent pet dental diseases while preventing dryness and keeping pet mouths feeling moisturized.

Propolis Protects Against Oral Pet Yeast Infections

Created by bees as a substance to make beehives and used by humans for its healing properties, propolis is antibacterial, antiviral, and helps fight Candida Albicans, which is the most common yeast infection in dog mouths.  

Grapefruit Seed Extract Offers an Extra Boost of Protection

Just like propolis, grapefruit seed extract acts as an extra defense because it is antibacterial, anticandidial, as well as being antifungal. But don’t worry, your pets won’t experience a sour taste that can be associated with grapefruit.

You've read all of the benefits. Now, give your canine or feline family member a pain-free life and boost their pet oral health by experiencing Pet Pure.